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Student Visa Services

Student visa application is the final stage of the overseas study procedure essential to complete the travel permission requirements to a particular study destination for accomplishing foreign education.

Since the visa process involves complexities, our expert visa filing team can help you with the entire filing process, which can be riskier if filed without adequate guidance. During the process, the immigration officers assess the validity of submitted documents and your financial capability to pursue education in their country. In a simple sense, the visa officers focus on identifying the suitability of your chosen course with your existing educational background, analysing the purpose of your studying abroad and understanding how you would manage your life overseas. The visa requirements vary according to the country you would choose to study.

Our visa team has gained tremendous experience in understanding the reasons for visa rejections; hence, you could avoid blunders and common mistakes with our expert assistance. We have not only helped students obtain their visas on the first attempt but also assisted rejected visa applicants to fulfil their dream. We help you get peace of mind and visa approval as quickly as possible.

Key Highlights

Funding should no longer be a hurdle to study abroad aspirants. Reinforce Insights helps you get stress-free loan approvals.

How We Work

To ensure our students bag their visas without hesitation, we balance our know-how and experience with your visa application.

Special Visas for Canada and Australia

Visitor visa

This visa permits you to invite your friends and family to visit you while you are living in Canada. In addition, we can also help you get a visitor’s visa for Australia.

Parent and grandparent super visa

This visa is initiated for elders of the family i.e. parents and grandparents who wish to travel to Canada based on their family relationship with the child or grandchild. Its validity for visit is six months to two years.

Convocation visa

Do you want your family members to be around you while your name is announced on the graduation day? Every student dreams about making their convocation ceremony unforgettable. We can fulfil this dream and file visa on behalf of your parents and siblings.

Permanent Residency for Canada

Canada is facing an acute shortage of skilled and talented workforce. To reinforce its economic strength, the country has developed several migration programs that permit skilled professionals to migrate and settle in Canada. We can fulfil your requirements for application to Canada’s Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) visas.

Benefits of permanent residents

• After three years of a permanent resident tenure, you would be eligible for Canadian citizenship.

• No work permit would be needed as you would be allowed to work in Canada without any time restrictions.

• Your spouse, common-law partner and dependent children can also immigrate through your sponsorship.

• Canada's public health care system will be easily and conveniently accessible.

Student Visa Refusal Cases

Have you got your study visa rejected? We will help you get away from such an unexpected situation that would hinder your dream of studying overseas. Our visa reapplication team knows how to help you in refiling the visa and resubmitting the entire process all over. We could also help you with the preparation of the “justification letter” needed at the time of refiling.

Our visa consultants will

• Identify the rejection causes which are usually 40+ in numbers.

• Communicate other potential options.

• Detect the appropriate visa option for you and refile the application.

• Assess your student records and your transcripts, if the need arises.

• Reapply with VFS global.


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Here are answers to some of the common doubts.

It is an official stamp that allows you to make multiple entries and exits from the destination country until it is valid. You can only get a student visa if you meet the essential requirements such as clear academic documents, entrance exam certificate, sufficient funds and experience certificate (if any).

The student visa period varies from country to country. While some countries set the limit of no more than 5 years, others issue visa duration restricted to your study period only. Though, countries like Australia, Canada and UK provide extension options post-study completion.

The total cost of a study depends on which country you choose to travel to. It is also based on the type of the course you plan to choose and the quality of your academic records based on which some scholarships may be granted by the foreign institution.

Yes, proof of funds is the most essential part of the documents required. For example, if you wish to pursue study in Canada, you will have to show CAD$10,000 (~US$8,000) for every year of your stay, in addition to the tuition fees.

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