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Includes 40 questions based on recordings that will be played once. The candidates preparing for the Listening module must:
1. Identify the key points and comprehend the specific factual information.
2. Develop tactics to detect the answers quickly as the recording will not be played again.
3. Understand the opinions, meaning and purposes of the group conversation/monologue.

Includes a total of 40 questions that are divided into three long passages sourced from journals, books, magazines and other relevant print media. The candidates preparing for the Reading module must:
1. Read and understand the question material and the main ideas given in the passage.
2. Identify and match the information with the text.
3. Skim and Scan the text for further ideas.
4. Understand the logical argument and recognize the writer’s opinions, attitudes and purposes.

The Writing module consists of two tasks: the first will require to explain the information contained in a provided graph, the second task is to respond to a stated point of view, argument or problem. To prepare for the Writing section, the candidate needs to: 1. Write for length, exactness and consistency
2. Avoid any sort of plagiarism
3. Present clear, well-organised and consistent arguments
4. Ensure that their answers are concise and to-the-point

The Speaking module consists of 3 parts which assess the candidate’s English speaking abilities. It is advisable to not rehearse the responses beforehand. To prepare for the speaking section, the candidate needs to:
1. Fluency and coherence
2. Lexical resource
3. Grammar
4. Pronunciation


It depends on your time availability, location and target band score. If you live nearby our institute’s branch and are available at our designated batch timings, then classroom training would be far better. It is recommended to attain classroom coaching if you aim to score 7+. However, if you need little guidance and can self-learn, please take advantage of our online training modules. Also, if you cannot attend online live sessions due to abnormal working hours, then our recorded sessions would serve your purpose.

Yes. Our courses can be accessed on smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets unless you have poor internet connectivity. Make sure you use reliable internet service to maintain flawless connectivity throughout the training session.

Our classroom training offers personal attention to every students from our well-qualified IELTS veterans. We provide best-in-class training and assessment to make sure you have everything you need to get an expected IELTS score. Conversely, if you opt for our recorded sessions, then you will get 24/7 access to the training content designed and hosted by Mr. Ashish. However, our live sessions will give you some extra facilities such as self-study grammar, sectional mocks and full-range mock test.

For the speaking test, you will record the answers on your computer or smartphone and upload them to the course portal. For the writing section, you will handwrite your answers on paper, scan and upload them on the course portal for evaluation. However, if you opt for classroom training, then both these modules will be assessed in person.

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